Alf Retires and Norman takes up the reins

1st November 2016

On Sunday 23rd October 2016 much of the service was dedicated to the work of Angus foodbank and in particular to saying goodbye to Alf and Irene Collington who are moving to the borders to work with Teen Challenge.  Alf, who had been the full time manager for the foodbank since May 2014, and Irene have worked tirelessly for the foodbank and have seen the foodbank feed nearly 8000 people since it opened in October 2012.  It is safe to say that thousands of people are indebted to them and their efforts in running the foodbank.

Also during the service we were delighted to welcome Norman Brown as the new full time manager for the foodbank and we look forward to Norman taking over from Alf and to continuing the essential work of the foodbank throughout Angus.

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